Smoky Mountain Wee Ones


If you’re planning a trip to the WNC Nature Center with a little one anytime soon, a book you may want to pick up for family story time might be Smoky Mountain Wee Ones by Lisa Horstman.  A board book designed to show young ones the similarities between human babies and animal babies, you’ll find many of our area’s sweetest creatures on its pages. Animals like red foxes, otters, bobcats and bears are featured with illustrated scenes depicting them doing the things that they do every day. One page that shows a human baby being fed with a spoon by his mama is right alongside an illustration of baby birds being fed little worms by their mama. A baby fox gets licked clean by his parents while a baby boy is shown getting his own pea-smeared face being mopped by his parents. This book is a great way to introduce the animals of our region to your child while they see the similarities we share with all the Earth’s creatures.

By Amy Brown

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