Mother Goose Time at Buncombe County Libraries

IMG_2259If you want to interest your 4 to 18 month old in music, reading and play time bring them to Mother Goose Time at Buncombe County Libraries. It’s not just about reading to your child which they do. The session starts with a welcome song where they say each baby’s name. It varies from library to library but the common theme is singing and rhythm. The librarians are great! They hand out the words to the songs so you can follow along until you are a veteran and know all the songs by heart. My son learned to clap, stomp his feet and shake a shaker at Mother Goose Time.  Many of the songs go along with hand movements, hugs and wagon rides on your knee. The parents are totally involved and at the end of the session there is a short play time where they pass out balls, scarves or other toys for the kids to play with on the rug. That’s when the children meet each other and interact or parallel play. But during the class they are all in a circle facing in so they see each other and it’s the best way for infants and little ones to learn new skills by watching each other. It’s fun for parents too to see the kids that will eventually be in your child’s class at school as little babies learning to crawl, walk and sing. My son’s first words came from Mother Goose Time. When he was about 9 months old he said “tic toc” which he learned from a song about a cuckoo clock. Since then he has surprised me by holding his arms up in the air and wiggling his fingers when I sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” What a generous gift from the Buncombe County Public Libraries. Seeing your child grow! And you can attend for free!!! Thanks to them we have a space to get together with other parents and their little ones. Some play groups have come out of this weekly meeting. Get out there and get into Mother Goose Time!

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