Live at The Orange Peel


Agent 23 Skidoo’s New CD – “Live at The Orange Peel!!

On Oct 5, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and Debrissa shared the stage at The Orange Peel with DJ Mr. Strange, local DJ and visual artist. 23 Skidoo, kid-hop artist from Asheville released his new CD, Live at The Orange Peel, a collaboration with Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, another Asheville fave. 23 Skidoo gave away and signed CDs for anyone who wanted one just because he loves his Asheville crowd!


Kid-Hop is a genre that mixes hip-hop and children’s music. 23 Skidoo’s kid-hop sends a good message discourages fear and encourages friendship and using your imagination. Skidoo is a masterful lyricist and musician who cares about kids and has a daughter who often performs with him.

23 Skidoo’s wise sensibility for kids along with his rhyming ability and rhythmic beats entertains kids and adults alike. He sang a new song, called “Once Upon a Rhyme” a story about friendship with poetic stanzas, fascinating characters and a message of love. He generally breaks stereotypes and uses his imagination to create meaning and visualization of the stories he tells through rap music.


23 Skidoo invited the kids on stage to dance and had a dance contest with prizes.The energy was high on stage and there were some fun extras on the side of the stage too. The Hop sold ice cream cones. A balloon artist made crazy shapes and animals for kids and Amy, from Asheville Face and Body Art, did an awesome job painting faces. Some of the designs were clearly getting kids ready for Halloween. Read the 23 Skidoo interview at

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