LEAF Spring



LEAF Spring 2014 was absolutely charming. The kids activities were completely seamlessly integrated into everything. My favorite part of LEAF was dancing to the big bands like Bootsie Collins. I enjoyed playing soccer on the field with all ages while my 3 month son listened to The Family Stone. Children jumped in the bungee jump and made masks in the LEAF Schools & Streets tent. There was an eclectic mix of world instruments where kids could get hands on experience trying out new sounds. The Ashevilager tried great foods, like drunken noodle and red curry with lemongrass shoots. The stilts parade convened in the central hill by the lake and played street carnival orquestra music to which the kids danced and clapped.

The poetry readings were wonderful. The room lit up with local talent and each performance transported the audience further and further into an alternate reality guided by the poet’s soul. I snuck a shot of one of the top scoring poets getting grub after his reading.

As well as excitement, there was calm and nurturing in the tent area down the lane. A game of frisbee golf and kids climbing trees were a delightful sight as a climbed the hill to the Barn to see The Alex Krug Combo band where I met some friends and wandered the spooky empty stables behind the barn under the moonlight.
There were puppet shows and read alouds, sing alongs, and zip lines. LEAF always amazes and inspires me and this year it was all that turned up to the max.

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