KIDERMUSIKThe Ashevillager sat in on Kindermusik with Yvette Odell. We had a chance to interview her afterwards:

Q: What inspires you to work with babies and young children?

A: Babies love’s their first language. When they come into the classroom they start dancing in response to the music. Their expressive language is about 6 months behind what they already understand but it’s impossible to prove it.

Q: What instruments do you like best?

My main instrument is flute and I play in church and give lessons. I play fise, piccolo, and recorder.

What do you think of pop music?

Pop music! I’m always interested in how the younger generation expresses itself in music. The 70’s music is meaningful to me.. I still love it… it’s stood the test of time… my 18 yr old daughter listens to it…it’s still cool to her.

I’m really interested in the poetry of hip hop and the poetic elements of modern popular music and I like to contra dance to blue grass.

What kind of music do you teach to children?

I really try to be more general. Folk songs are really simple and have no more than 5 notes. A two year old can sing them all day. They have endured the test of time and live for 100’s of yrs. I know families will expose their kids to the music they love so I don’t have to do popular music… but if I introduce them to Bach they may never otherwise get to know them.

What’s special about your class for infants and toddlers?

I give parenting tips and how children learn and encourage children to be musical. If you take a tiny infant to a music class they really do get it.

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