i’m k.i.d. Fettywap_charlotte (10)kid don’t try to rob me

cuz i’m backed by knife throwing dead latinos

who sacrifice hearts and head dress caminos

now your lost

my sister my brother my fans

i’m telling you now i got 5 billion hands”

KID, Asheville NC



KID is an up and coming rapper from NYC. Riding the subway solo from age 7 she earned her street cred there and on the basketball court. From a musical family but lacking a real instrument she turned to rap as a form of self-expression. As a child she remembers taking a cab from a party with Phillip Glass and thinking that was normal. Now KID lives in Asheville with her family and writes music as a side to her job as a librarian at the Asheville High School. She was inspired by a Capoeira master from Brazil she speaks Portuguese and Spanish in her lyrics. After living in Cuba and South America for 4 and a half years she found a fresh start living in a familiar community of Brooklyn where she joined in playing with musicians such as Antibalas and New  York Rumberos. For a short period she studied drums with Lee Allen from Your Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band in Asheville. As a child she believed she would be a dancer and has studied under the best Cuban and Brazilian dancers in the world.  As an artist KID aims to tell kids to aim high and fear nothing. Even in the hardest of times remember the road blocks only fuel determination.

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