Hike It Baby


Looking to get outside with your little one and make new friends while doing it?  Check out Hike it Baby, a national organization dedicated to helping families get on to trails and out for urban strolls in a safe and supported way with their newborns and toddlers.

The premise of the group is simple: Get out there into nature and breathe fresh air as often as you can with your baby. The reason being that not only will your baby benefit mentally and physically from the outside time, but connecting more with nature has been proven to combat anxiety, depression and obesity, which are all common issues new moms and dads face.

The group is led primarily by volunteers, who are often moms, but there are dads in the mix as well and are always welcome to go on hikes and lead hikes. Hike it Baby also welcomes nannies, grannies, friends and extended family. Anyone who believes in spreading healthy habits. 

Hike it Baby isn’t just about hikes however. The private Facebook group and the website offer tons of advice on getting out there from camping with your newborn to how to pick trails. Trying to figure out what frame backpack carrier you should buy? Ask the group and you’ll get advice from real people who are out there trying products out on the trails every day. Also there are discounts from companies who have hike friendly baby products and for those who lead hikes, their name is entered into raffles for great prizes. 


Check the website and hikes out here www.hikeitbaby.com

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