Frisbee golf is totally fun and can be played at Richmond Hill Park

Getting there:throw2_sm
Finding the park, for the first time, can pose a slight challenge. We found it by looking lost. A friendly Ashevillager saw the bikes on the back of our car and asked if we were looking for some excellent trails. I love how friendly people are around here and was relieved when he led us there. The second time we set out to Richmond Hill it was easy peasy. All you do it take 26 to Hill Rd. Exit and bear left then make a left across the bridge. When you see a sign for Richmond Hill Inn on the right you follow the sign making the sharp right up the hill. When you get to a T in the road (about 100 yards) you make a right and follow that to the end where you see a circle and that gets you into the parking area. There is very little signage for the actual park but you can ask around if you get lost. It’s a nice residential neighborhood. If you are looking on Google Maps it’s Richmond Hill Drive all the way.

We also had a hard time finding a regulation weight Frisbee, like the ones used for Ultimate, and as it turns out there are special smaller discs for Frisbee golf. You can get a new set (driver for long distance, a mid range and a putter for short shots for about $25) Most of the usual suspects did not have them so we finally found out that Play it Again Sports on Tunnel Road was Frisbee fanatical. We only bought the mid range (used $4.99-9.99) to try out the course and we had gear envy the whole time. The mid range discs can only be thrown about 30 ft – with my arm and some of the goals are longer than that. Also the mid range disc floats to the left when throwing with the right arm (for a right handed person) hence ending much of the time in the brambles.

frisbee_smThere is a practice goal near the parking lot and the port-a-potties. That’s a good place to get tips from more experienced players and we got lucky… we learned there about floating the disc over and into the chains so the disc drops down to make a goal. The first hole is challenging because it’s far from the launch pad… (I made that up… not sure what the starting point is called??) My disc landed in the mud. It’s a good idea to wear good shoes. If you are anything like me and Mike you will be scrounging your disc out the woods, puddles and all many times. The first 9 holes were deep in the woods and quite hilly for us city folk. We had a blast though! Next time we’ll do all 18! One of the house rules is to stay quiet so others can concentrate on their game. I loved the quiet. You can read the rules for recreational disc golf at Another tip is: if you want to keep score, bring a paper and pencil to tally on… otherwise it’s easy to lose track of the score and of time in the forest! rainy_windsheild

Be safe and enjoy and wait for a sunny day!


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