Fetty Wap at The Fillmore

On March 18th Fetty Wap performed at the Fillmore in Charlotte NC. The show was sold out, t-shirt sales and scalped ticket sales dotted the parking lot. All walks of life sauntered up to the entrance hoping for a good spot near the stage. I got as close as I could and still had to peer over bobbing heads to see the act. Dj’s and MC’s filled the space with anticipation while we waited for Fetty Wap dancing all the while. Fetty put on a fresh performance delivering his style in rare and spectacular form. Fans held their hands up towards the artist in the hopes that he would lean down and make contact. When he did there was a slight lull in the screaming as if an angel flew overhead. After the show upon leaving the show The Ashevillager went to pass our business card along to Fetty and his Remy Boyz for the chance that we will get an interview with Fetty Wap by phone before the next hot mixtape. Check the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour’s upcoming shows. fetty

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