Avery’s Little Corner is the best playground around Asheville!

One of my favorite places to take my little one is Avery’s Little Corner, a great playground in the small town of Woodfin, just outside of Asheville. This playground is fun for all ages, and is set up for safety and security. The playground has a rubber-like mat as the ground cover, rather than mulch, gravel, or even grass. There are grassy areas, but I appreciate not having to ensure my daughter does not eat handfuls of mulch during our time spent there. The mat protects little body parts from injury when they take their prerequisite falls as they run, toddle, and tumble from place to place.

When you first enter the playground, you’ll notice benches around the perimeter, as well as a building with bathrooms. The smaller of two play structures has stairs for smaller toddlers, slides, and places to hide from mama and papa! Then, there are two sand areas, one has benches all around it some in the shade. My daughter has just discovered sand, and she loves playing with the shovels and toys scattered throughout. There is also a large structure with more slides, a “rock” wall to climb, a bridge and lookouts for the slightly bigger kids. Both structures resemble castles, so your children can reenact their favorite scene from King Arthur while they are playing!

Other features of the playground area include a dragon for climbing on, and large tire swing that can hold multiple people for group-

swinging fun! One of our favorite things about Avery’s Little Corner is the swing set. There are two baby swings, a handicap-access swing, and four regular-sized swings. It makes a big difference when you don’t have to wait and you can just plop your baby down and get to the real fun! It’s also nice when you meet a mama friend there and your babies can swing side-by side! Behind the swings, there is a large climbing structure that is reserved for the biggest kids who visit. The large picnic shelter can be reserved for a small fee.

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By Heather Burrows

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