The show must go on at the Asheville Community Theatre!!

Having a child is the most wonderful thing ever! After several magical weeks since we brought our little guy home, I am able to get back to The Ashevillager the proud mother of Arthur Jennings. I apologize for the scarcity of posts and forgive the cliché but the show must go on and so we are sponsoring a Spring Ticket Giveaway.

Asheville Community Theatre in partnership with Bright Star Touring Theatre and Attic Salt Theatre Company presents three shows families can attend – bring the whole neighborhood!

To win two free tickets to any one of the three upcoming shows below email me:  Be among the first six people to like spread the word to others about The Ashevillager and if you have any ideas about what you would love to see us post on in the future we are extremely interested. My email is (Please write or copy/paste the subject l: isoscelese or T=\frac{1}{2}b\sqrt{a^2-\frac{b^2}{4}} =\frac{b}{4}\sqrt{4a^2-b^2}. which are equal anyway and the tickets are worth 5 buckaroos so get’em now!)

Upcoming: The Ashevillager is looking for book donations for kids for our Free Little Library.. we are going to set it up it in the street in East Asheville (still unknown location) also for more information check out our Spring Activity List near the end of April!!

Asheville Community Theatre:

April 12, 2014, 10:00 “Once Upon a Time”

Presented by Bright Star Touring Theatre, literature comes to life in this hysterical production. Lenny and Mable bring to the stage “Cinderella” and “Jack and the Beanstalk,” reenacting all the roles from the character formerly known as Prince Charming to a giant, lumbering high above the set in these two classic fairy tales.

April 19, 2014, 9:30 am “Feet Water”

Encore performance! Attic Salt Theatre presents an Irish folktale that will keep you entertained! “Feet Water” transports your whole family to Ireland, where you will come face-to-face with a mischievous bucket of dirty foot-washing water!  What would you do if a dirty bucket of water came to life one night and let four tired ghosts into your house? Puppets, masks and a whole lot of audience participation will keep even your youngest kids laughing.

April 19, 2014, 11:00 am “The Sultan’s Wife”

Encore performance! Music and comedy abound in this adaptation of a Swahili folktale presented by Attic Salt Theatre. This engaging fable is sure to keep both children and adults laughing as they find themselves empathizing with a hapless sultan, his too-smart servant and a poor man who knows the secret to keeping those around him happy.

Call the Box Office at 828-254-1320 or Asheville Community Theatre is located at 35 Eat Walnut Street, Asheville, NC 28801


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