Are You Aware-uh Capoeira?

Among West Asheville’s hidden secrets is Capoeira Asheville. “What on earth is Capoeira (pronounced Cap – uh – where – uh)?”, you ask! Capoeira Angola has yoga-like movements, sped up and sprinkled with South American flavor. It is a non-competitive Brazilian martial art that was disguised as dance by slaves in the 16th century. Now the game is “played” around the world by children and adults of all walks of life. It’s a great way to study Portuguese language by learning the songs and names of the movements. A seven year old student, who has been coming to class for more than a year has added some tricky low to the ground cartwheels followed by kicks and leg sweeps to his arsenal of movement.

The game of Capoeira, called Roda (pronounced Ho-Dah), is improvised so a beginner can play with his two or three moves while an expert has a full bag of tricks to use. Amazingly, this difference is not easy to perceive, because of the gentle flowing nature of the game. The Ashevillager brought a friend’s son to one class and he was immediately hooked. “T” is 12 and his hobbies include fencing and playing string instruments. He was quickly impressed by teachers, Stephan and Josh who can walk on their hands and make it look easy-peas-y. They are high energy, patient and embody the humor and theatrics of the game. The kids classes are Mon and Wed from 6-7:30 (one hour of movement and 30 minutes of music) and Saturday mornings from 10-noon. This Saturday, September 14th is a Roda, an event free and open to the public to observe this spectacularly unique art form. The door is open from 3-5 to come for part or stay for all of the event. For more info visit:

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