Agent 23 Skidoo Interview – Live at the Orange Peel

The Ashevillager got an exclusive interview with kid-hop artist Agent 23 Skidoo. He is releasing a new album Live at The Orange Peel on October 5th at 11am. The album is music from 23 Skidoo’s last three albums reinterpreted by 23 Skidoo and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band!! The Ashevillager loves his philosophy about how kids see the world… he rhymes about kidiosyncricies. His hip-hop for kids is up-beat, intelligent and sends a good message! Read the full interview and don’t miss out on the fun at The Orange Peel!

Ashevillager: How did you get into kid-hop?
Skidoo: Well I’ve been playing for 18 years and producing for 12 years- that means making beats. I had been working with GFE (Granola Funk Express) when my daughter turned 5, I took a hiatus. I started by branching out and doing some solo shows as Agent 23. Someone asked me if I wanted to record and we put down 4 songs and people heard them. They had the idea to record them. So we started recording and “Gotta Be Me” was one of the first songs I recorded. I finished the album and didn’t skimp on sound. The album was #1 on Serious XM and I just kept going from there. Saki gets better as a rapper, Brooke gets better as a singer, and I’m working on album 4 right now.

Ashevillager: Who are your musical influences?
Skidoo: Rap-wise, A Tribe Called Quest, De la Soul, KRS One and the Beastie Boys. My first tape ever was Beastie Boys, “License to ill”.

Ashevillager: How do you pick your subject matter to relate to kids?
Skidoo: In two ways:
First of all the whole point of what I do musically, is I only deal with topics that are double entendres, things kids can relate to but adults can relate to them too. Like nightmares, fear, like finding the courage to jump off a high dive is like finding the courage to do anything… I call them kidiosyncracies – weird quirks that happen to kids.
Also, I’m in touch with my inner child – I have something like a peter pan complex. Sometimes they (the songs) just come to me – I’m thinking about life. Talking to Billie Jonas …he said “with kids music you paint with primary colors”. That’s what you learn having kids, if you explain something complex to them, you have to simplify.. don’t dumb it down and don’t lie… but get to the core and then they can relate. Obviously, kids see the wonder and the awesome things in the world. Kids love monkeys, dragons, clouds and dreams, frogs and weird things… it makes sense that kids love these things way more than it makes sense that we don’t notice them.

Ashevillager: When is Live at The Orange Peel w/ Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band going to be released?
Skidoo: It’s being released at the show, October 5th at The Orange Peel. That show is a CD release party.

Ashevillager: Did you have any unexpected outcomes from the new mix?
Skidoo: What the album is, is music reinterpreted from the last three albums by 23 Skidoo and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band.
I mean, I’ve worked with them in many ways for years, rapping at their shows and the only real surprises were how awesome the songs sounded with the funk band playing.. it really breathed new life into them having live musicians on stage.

Ashevillager: What is your favorite thing about Asheville?
Skidoo: There are a lot of favorite things…. The people! Asheville is a combination of very sophisticated artistically without being over refined culturally. You get a super high degree of artistry without the pretentiousness and clickishness you find other places. It really lends itself to collaboration and weird hybrids.

Ashevillager: Do you have any words of wisdom for young aspiring musicians?
Skidoo: Focus on what you love about playing music instead of thinking about what you think audiences will love and pay for because in the end authenticity sells better anyway and you being fake sucks for everyone, especially you!

About the show: 11 am on OCT 5 Saturday – it’s $10 a head and free under 3
Hobey Ford who is an amazing puppeteer will be performing as well.

For tickets and more information click here:

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